About The Foundation

The PORT Foundation (the Polish Center for Technology Development Foundation), whose seat is at the Pracze Campus at 147 Stabłowicka Street in Wrocław, is a non-governmental organization established in 2019. The main goal of the PORT Foundation is research, education, and popularization of selected areas of science. The Foundation carries out research and development projects with particular emphasis on biotechnology, materials engineering, and biobanking. It also conducts activities promoting knowledge in medical, natural, exact, and technical sciences, taking into account knowledge and care for the climate and the natural environment. Its activities address various age groups of society. In 2022, PORT Foundation obtained the status of Public Benefit Organization.

We support the development of science

The PORT Foundation carries out educational projects aimed at arousing public interest in various areas of science, introducing the secrets of knowledge to the general public, and showing the goals and importance of scientific achievements for everyday life. We encourage you to discover and explore new technologies, exact and natural fields of science, as well as spend time actively. One of our projects we realize in cooperation between the Foundation and the international company OSRAM. It focuses on issues related to photonics and microelectronics. As part of the cooperation, a modern educational laboratory will arise at the Pracze Campus. Its program addresses recipients from various age groups: children, adolescents, and adults. The experienced staff of Łukasiewicz – PORT work on it.

We invite everyone to participate in activities that connect different environments, generations, and companies – to share their knowledge, ideas, and achievements to jointly fulfill the mission of social responsibility of science and business.



STATUTE of the PORT Foundation for download Click to download (PDF, 300KB)

Reports on the activities of the Foundation:

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