Gardens of Experiences

The research program implemented by PORT – GARDENS OF EXPERIENCE Center for Technological Education , is a fresh and innovative approach to learning and discovering the secrets of science, the specificity of work in laboratories, and the presentation of the practical dimension of research processes. With our original educational programs, we can encourage young people to develop their passions in the world of science.

Our idea ? To present science as a vast space for developing one’s potential and broadening experimental horizons.

Thanks to the cooperation of the PORT Foundation, OSRAM and ŁUKASIEWICZ – PORT, it has become possible to organize within the framework of the Gardens of Experience a research program aimed at high school students, whose main goal is to popularize science in the field of photonics and material chemistry.

The subjects taught in the laboratories at the Pracze Campus, PORT’s headquarters, focus on photonics and material chemistry.


By discovering the spectroscopic properties of luminescent materials, we want to illustrate how e.g. a tomograph was discovered and how technologies such as LED lighting or computer tomography are being improved. The synthesis of organic drugs will allow us to understand how pharmaceutical substances are created and why drug discovery is such a big challenge for science.

Our goal is a real research process. We believe that only in this way can future scientists gain experience and see how scientists around the world work

We believe that the Gardens of Experience program gives young people the opportunity to see in practice how a professional scientific institute functions , as well as to gain laboratory experience and direct their interests to take up new challenges.

Acquiring proper habits of a scientist: responsibility, accuracy, and cooperation during such a process can be a unique experience.

We hope that participation in the project will develop the desire to explore, observe and learn, in addition to acquiring substantive and social competence, and at the same time will bring a lot of fun to young people.