Reintegration of the Pracze Campus

Reintegration of the Pracze Campus


We are celebrating an important day! Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Development and Technology, Mariusz Jerzy Golecki, and the Director of Łukasiewicz PORT, Andrzej Dybczyński, signed an agreement today for the equipment upgrade of the Institute. This means that the headquarters of Łukasiewicz PORT will expand to include the remaining buildings and the Pracze Campus, which has been provided by the City of Wrocław for this purpose.

The reintegration of the campus lays the foundations for the Institute’s development in the perspective of the coming decades. It will enable the realization of many ambitious scientific, research, and educational projects and represents an opportunity for the revitalization of the remaining historical buildings and green areas of the Pracze Campus.

Now, we face a lengthy and costly process of restoring the new part of Łukasiewicz PORT Institute to its former glory and adapting the buildings to new functions.

The reintegration of the Pracze Campus is a milestone in the development of Łukasiewicz PORT Institute. How it came about, what it means for Łukasiewicz PORT, and when we can expect to see the effects of these changes are some of the topics discussed by the Director of Łukasiewicz PORT, Dr. Andrzej Dybczyński, in an interview with Echo24:

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